Morton’s neuroma

Morton’s neuroma is a common foot problem associated with pain, swelling and maybe inflammation of a nerve, usually at the ball-of-the-foot between the 3rd and 4th toes. Symptoms of this condition include sharp pain, burning, and even a lack of feeling in the affected area. Morton’s Neuroma may also cause numbness, tingling, or cramping in the forefoot. The next most common locations are the second, fourth and first interspaces. A burning sensation is present in the interspace and typically radiates to the adjacent digits. 

Morton’s Neuroma is a foot condition caused from an abnormal function of the foot that leads to bones squeezing a nerve usually between the 3rd and 4th metatarsal heads. Symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma often occur during or after you have been placing significant pressure on the forefoot area, while walking, standing, jumping, or sprinting. This condition can also be caused by poor footwear selection. Footwear with pointed toes and/or high heels can often lead to a neuroma. Constricting shoes can pinch the nerve between the toes, causing discomfort and extreme pain.

The first step to treating Morton’s Neuroma is to get the right kind of footwear with a wide forefoot that does not constrict the toes. Next, use custom made orthotic insoles to correct your foot posture and offload weight from the respective metatarsals. Your custom Podiapro orthoses offload the affected region by using a pencil wedge or dome as needed. This also creates some breathing space between the metatarsals that allow for the nerve to heal.