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Why wear running insoles?

Since running is a high impact activity that generates a force that is 2.5 to 4 times your body weight, it is very important to have your feet strike the ground in the most optimum manner possible to prevent injuries and minimize damage to your joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles from the ground reaction force (GRF). Our custom running insoles are designed to correct overpronation or underpronation (over supination) while keeping the support dynamic or flexible so as to not allow your feet enough room for normal pronation and supination while you run. Specialized materials provide shock absorption under the heel and propulsion under the forefoot. The insoles are designed to support your running strike (eg. forefoot running or heel strike). We import the raw material from Sidas, France (as seen below) and then thermo-mould them to match your foot profile, shoe profile, running style, biomechanics and your foot pain experienced while running.

Custom Run Insole Features

These custom insoles provide optimal comfort whilst running. Custom technology allows 100% customization of your insoles. Customization is done by a professionally trained practitioner and you’ll have to visit one of our centers for assessment and moulding of your footprints and your insoles. These running insoles are designed to provide arch support, custom motion control for excessive pronation or supination, shock absorption at the heel and propulsion at the forefoot. So it works for both heel strikers and forefoot strikers. Insole material imported from Sidas, France and the composite comprises of the following layers of highly technical material:

– IonFoam™ topcover 2.5mm: Cushioning & antibacterial
– TX heel reinforcement 1.1mm: Stability
– Primtech / Confortene pad: Cushioning & shock absorption
– TX mid reinforcement 1.1mm: Support
– Jogtene® pad 2,2mm: Comfort & propulsion

Custom Running Insoles

Running insoles for overpronation

The majority of running injuries happen due to over pronation of the foot while running (excessive inward rolling of the foot under the ankle joint). This commonly causes foot, ankle, knee pain due to a misalignment in the joints of your lower leg. Off the shelf running insoles or running shoes provide a bit of arch support but they do not correct overpronation as they are commercial, mass produced running footwear. Custom running insoles provide the exact amount of support required to control foot overpronation while you’re running. 

Running insoles for ankle sprain

Mr. Devendra Shah sprained his ankle and was having difficulty walking. He heard about Podiapro from one of his friends who had made insoles from us and decided to visit us for a pair of insoles. Though not a runner, he ordered a pair of custom running insoles as he wanted the benefits of premium shock absorbing and propulsion materials in his running shoes when he went for his morning walks (he used to walk about 2 kms every day before his ankle injury). He had an amazing recovery after which he’s ordered several pairs of insoles from us. We asked him if he’d be willing to send us feedback and he said he was happy to … 

Due to my ankle pain that started after an ankle sprain, I was hardly able to walk. But after using Podiapro custom insoles for a few months, my ankle pain has gone and I am even able to run now with no pain at all.

Running insoles online

You can also order Sidas’s pre-fabricated running insoles from our online store. These have a 30 days money back guarantee. We have 2 variants in these. Sidas Run 3D is light weight with a softer top and is designed for comfort in your running shoes. It has gel shock absorbers at the heel and a comfortable forefoot pad. Sidas Run + 3D is designed for performance and efficiency. It has premium technical shock absorption at the heel and a propulsive forefoot pad. The top layer is firm and provides energy return. Come, take a look. 

Sidas Run 3D

Sidas Run 3D Running Insoles

Sidas Run+ 3D

Sidas Run+ 3D running insole

Whether you’re a casual runner or a seasoned full time runner like Forrest Gump, we have optimum running insoles for you that will reduce foot fatigue and protect your feet, ankle and knees from the dangers of over pronation or abnormal foot movements. By reducing tiredness and the risk of injuries, they directly improve your efficiency. That’s why we are confident our insoles will Power Your Run®!