How insoles work?

Main cause of foot pain

When the arches of both or either feet collapse, the foot rotates internally. This causes the tibia (shin) to rotate, which in turn causes the knee and hip to rotate. As you can see in the image, these rotations cause asymmetry in the entire body and cause an abnormal curvature of the spine too. This causes pain in your feet, ankles and possibly in your knees and lower back too.

Insoles and alignment

Foot Correction with Insoles

Podiapro’s custom insoles are designed to work in the following ways to bring the desired results:

  1. Motion control – Harmful foot movements like over pronation or over supination are controlled with the insoles thus restoring better alignment in the lower limb kinetic chain. The foot behaves more neutrally thus achieving better shock absorption and better alignment between the foot, ankle, knee and hip. This takes care of most pain points like heel pain, knee pain, low back pain
  2. Postural correction – Insoles support your foot arches and prevent them from collapsing or flattening. When the arches are held up at their optimum position, symmetrical body posture is restored
  3. Offloading – Insoles are designed to offload pressure from painful zones or from high pressure zones which could lead to painful corns or calluses
  4. Shock absorption – When required, we add specialized technical materials like Noene and Podiane + to our insoles that provide additional shock absorption at key areas of the foot. This helps in preventing injuries and in relieving pain.
  5. Cushioning – When needed, we add specialized technical materials like Poron and Plastazote to provide additional cushioning to compensate for worn out or damaged fat tissue in the feet.