Rushabh Shah, founder of PodiaproWelcome to Podiapro 🙂

I’m not a podiatrist, or a doctor, or even an orthotist. Back in 2010, I ruptured an ankle ligament while training for Parkour. I jumped off a height and made an improper landing, dangerously twisting my ankle. An orthopedic surgeon told me I’d never be able to play any impact sport again and I should live a sedentary lifestyle. That it would be impossible to continue parkour. Though I couldn’t run at the time because of immense pain, I did not buy it and began researching on how I could be back on my feet. Running is an inherent part of parkour, also known as free running.

Long story short, I got a pair of running insoles custom made for me, the French way, and I was running again within a month of getting on these orthotics with 80% lesser pain. After a few months, all my pain had gone. My ankle felt supported and more stable than otherwise. Since then, I’ve been messing with insoles and footwear to provide effective solutions to anyone who needs one.

I partnered with the French podiatry specialists Sidas & Podiatech (www.sidas.com and www.podiatech.com) and acquired training on making insoles at their facility at Voiron, France, and launched Podiapro in Mumbai. We have since been providing custom solutions for those having foot pain due to sport injuries, flat feet, diabetic foot neuropathy, corns, over pronation etc.

I personally dabble with this technology on a regular basis to try out newer materials and evolve our products on a regular basis. We make our insoles the exact same way as French podiatrists, as we have trained in their lineage. 

Aligned with my values of compassion and non-violence, all our products are and will always be 100% vegan and cruelty free. 

My journey with Podiapro has been made possible with the help of the following prosthetists and orthotists who have worked with Podiapro for one or more years and I list their names with gratitude:

Debasis Pani (Swami Vivekanand National Institute of Rehabilitation Training and Research, Cuttack, Orissa)

Nikita Kossambe (All India Institute of Physical Medical Rehabilitation, Mumbai)

Bhanu Garg (All India Institute of Physical Medical Rehabilitation, Mumbai)

Ganesh Shinde (All India Institute of Physical Medical Rehabilitation, Mumbai)

Deepika Kulkarni (All India Institute of Physical Medical Rehabilitation, Mumbai)

Ashutosh Pal (All India Institute of Physical Medical Rehabilitation, Mumbai)

Currently Arjun Gawhale (AIIPMR), Afra Khatri (MGM Department of Prosthetics  and & Orthotics) Sana Khan (MGM Department of Prosthetics & Orthotics) attend to our patients. With the on-boarding of our pedorthist Mr. Ramesh, we have started our foray into custom shoes and sandals thus making it possible for women who do not wear shoes to be able to use our insoles, fitted into custom sandals. We have also started making good quality orthopedic shoes and sandals for those who have foot deformities, oversized feet, diabetic feet and foot amputations. If there’s anything I can help you with, please drop me a line at rushabh@podiapro.in