Who and What?

Podiapro is managed by a highly efficient team of foot professionals comprising prosthetists and orthotists working as podiatrists, pedorthists, skilled workshop technicians who excel at treating foot pain, ankle and knee pain by a combination of custom insoles, orthopedic footwear, braces, splints, socks and other orthotic solutions. We design all our solutions in-house. We are able to help patients get rid of most kinds of foot and ankle pain, non-invasively, without the side effects of medicines, just by skilled orthotic intervention. 


How do we make 'em?

What kind of pain?

We’re mainly talking foot pain caused by orthopedic and diabetic conditions

However, Podiapro’s custom orthotic insoles and footwear treat not only foot pain, but also ankle pain, knee pain, low back pain and neck pain that are caused by poor foot posture, mechanics and alignment. The well-being of your feet is of utmost importance for the entire body. If your feet have poor posture and mechanics, there’s a cascading effect causing misalignment and pain in the entire body.

And that’s where we come in. Whatever be the nature of your foot pain or your pathology, we have a custom designed solution for you. 

How insoles work?

What causes pain?

Flat foot and foot over pronation are the most common causes of foot, ankle and knee pain. If your feet pronate excessively, it is probably because of having flat feet (no arches) or weak arches which collapse when you are on your feet causing your feet to flatten and roll inwards under the ankle joint. This causes misalignment between the foot, ankle and knee, causing pain.

Custom insoles for flat foot and over pronation

How insoles relieve pain?

Orthotic insoles work by correcting your foot posture and foot bio-mechanics. Used as shoe inserts or foot-beds on sandals, our insoles bring about a correction to the foot gait pattern. Abnormal foot movements like over pronation (inward roll) or over supination (outward roll) are controlled thus restoring foot-ankle-knee alignment bringing about relief from pain.

Insoles for flat feet and over pronation

My problem has almost gone away.
Also, the arch of my foot has improved drastically.

Patient testimonial
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Rohan, IIT Bombay, was visiting us for a follow up after about 4 months of using insoles that were custom made for him and he was happy to give us feedback. He was suffering from pain due to Achilles tendonitis and his pain had significantly reduced after using our custom orthotics designed for his condition. 

Custom Insole Process


Custom insole process

Align foot-ankle-knee with sub-talar joint at neutral


Custom insole process

Acquire instant footprint with vacuum-silicon technology


Custom insole process

Thermo-mould insoles in the vacuum formed cavity

Custom insole with foot

Total time taken from moulding to delivery of most insoles : 60 minutes 

Click ahead for more information on our analysis and how our vacuum silicon bags enable us to mould very precise insoles that hug your feet. 

Podiapro Custom Footwear


Custom vegan shoe



We design our footwear for your comfort and pain relief. 

Goodbye fatigue. Hello “WOW” 🙂

Diabetic foot ulcer
Podiapro makes custom orthopedic devices and footwear to offload pressure to enable healing
Leg length discrepancy
Podiapro designs orthopedic compensation shoes so that you can level the pelvic and walk with near equal loading on both legs
Foot ankle or knee pain?
Podiapro's orthopedic devices work like insoles in your shoes and help bring about pain by restoring better foot and ankle alignment and improved foot posture
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Footwear or Insoles?

You might have this question – Do I need to get just insoles or just shoes or both? Read on ..

Custom footwear or insoles

Custom Insoles in your footwear are foot-beds your feet rest against. Corrections that your feet need are effected on the underside of your feet (on your soles, also called as the plantar surface) by your insoles. So your insoles are where all the magic happens. Our insoles fit most regular shoes and most of the time, insoles are all you need for most common cases of foot pain. They are as good as the soul of your footwear.

You would need custom footwear if your feet are wide, or of uneven lengths, or have high arches and your existing shoes are not able to accommodate insoles as there isn’t enough depth. Or you may want to use insoles with sandals or open footwear. Custom footwear can also help when you need specific protective or offloading footwear for diabetic feet.

Custom or off-the-shelf insoles?

When to use Off-the-shelf-insoles?

It’s a myth that only custom insoles are able to bring about pain relief. Meticulously designed off-the-shelf insoles (pre-fabricated and ready-to-use) are effective in pain relief as well. You could get pre-fabricated insoles if: 

  • Your pain isn’t severe or not too prolonged; it is restricted to your feet and hasn’t radiated to your knees
  • You just want comfort or generic arch support
  • You have no pain and want insoles only for protection from injuries
  • You want your product to be refundable
  • You want to spend lesser money than what you would on a pair of custom inserts


At Podiapro, we have a range of ready to use insoles which can be ordered from our online store and have a money back guarantee. 

When to use Custom Insoles?

Custom insoles are tailor made to suit your specific needs, based on your bio-mechanical assessment. So they offer more precise support, correction and offloading. They are recommended when:

  • You have moderate to severe pain, or when pain has started radiating from your feet to your knees or lower back 
  • When you have diabetic sores, ulcers or peripheral foot neuropathy
  • The patient is a senior citizen or has sensitive feet as their feet cannot adapt quickly
  • You have already used pre-fabricated insoles and haven’t got pain relief
  • Custom insoles can be made with flexible support to avoid pain while your foot adapts and then be reinforced and made more rigid after 2 to 3 weeks of usage so that full correction is safely effected onto the feet without causing pain or discomfort. Lastly, custom insoles can be modified and adjusted if the objective isn’t achieved. 

At Podiapro, we specialize in custom insoles, it’s our forte. It has a huge advantage in that they can be modified or adjusted as and when needed if the objective isn’t achieved. It also means that for those who have sensitive feet or severe pain, the insoles can be designed to be more flexible at the start so that the feet easily adapt to these new shoe inserts. Once the feet have adapted over 2 to 3 weeks, the insoles can be reinforced to be made more supportive or rigid as needed. This way, complete correction can be effected onto your feet in 2 phases so that your feet adapt to them seamlessly without causing pain or discomfort. Click below to check our our most commonly designed custom insoles.

Marvelous. Highly Recommended.

Dr. Karnik has been using our insoles since 4 years. He felt severe foot pain while playing a game golf and got our insoles made. We took his feedback when he visited us for a second pair of Custom Golf Insoles. 

Why Podiapro?


Because we’re simply the best. And because we are so sure of it, we firmly stand behind our products. All our products have a one year manufacturer’s service warranty.  If you are not satisfied with any of our products, please email us at and we will resolve it for you. 

What makes us so effective?


Podiapro was the pioneer that launched the French way of making ‘thermo-moulded’ insoles in India several years back, a system that has revolutionized the way orthotic insoles are made. Trained by senior French podiatrists, our experience now comprises making almost 5000 pairs of insoles for various kinds of pathologies. 


We have the widest range of materials in India (most of which are technical materials with precise qualities of hardness (shore A), density, shock absorption, propulsion) for making custom insoles. Most of our material comes from France, USA and Germany. Besides adhering to the highest quality standards, it is vegan, cruelty free.


We are fiercely customer oriented and we are passionate about bringing comfort into your life. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied. No matter how challenging the condition, we are determined to make a positive difference to your comfort and confidence. 

Who can we help?

We can help you if:

  • You want more comfort in your shoes or sandals
  • You experience foot, ankle or knee pain when you’re on your feet
  • You feel your feet get fatigued or tired very fast
  • Your heels ache in certain kind of footwear
  • Your footwear gets worn out unevenly
  • You can’t find shoes that fit you well
  • You play impact sports and need more stability and shock absorption to prevent injuries

There’s a reason patients visit us for custom footwear from around the country : 

We are effective

Painful conditions we treat

Plantar fasciitis & Heel pain

Flat feet & high arches

Over pronation & supination

Runner’s knee & shin splints

Knee pain

Corn & Callus

Diabetic foot

Orthopedic foot pain

The above are some of the common conditions we cater to. For the complete list, please go to Complaints in the top menu.

Power Your Run®

If you are a runner and you’re suffering from pain in your foot, ankle, shin or knee, or if you’re just looking to improve your efficiency or protect your lower limb from injuries, we can help. Please visit our page on Running for all the information you’d need. For other sports insoles, please click here.

*Power Your Run is a registered trademark of Podiapro. 

Custom Running Insole