Insoles for Sport

Insoles Counter Sport Injuries

Custom insoles are extremely important for serious sportspersons to prevent injury by correction of abnormal foot motion (abnormal foot bio-mechanics like over pronation or over supination) and protection from Ground Reaction Force (GRF or shock) by the use of specialized shock absorbing material. They reduce time to recovery, foot, ankle and knee pain and thus improve efficiency in your sport.

Custom Rugby Insoles

High impact sports amplify the forces between your feet and the ground. When you run, each time your foot hits the ground, a vertical force (Ground Reaction Force or GRF) approximately equal to 2.5 to 4 times your body weight gets transmitted upwards from the foot through your body, regardless of your style of running. This force, if not checked, causes mild to severe damage to your joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles. If the body is not able repair itself adequately, this micro-damage accumulates to cause a breakdown or an an injury like a strain, sprain or tear.

Custom Sport Insoles

Podiapro’s sport insoles are designed to prevent injuries and enhance efficiency by the use of:

  • Superior shock absorbing material like Podiane + and Noene to negate the effect of GRF on the body thus preventing shock injuries and reducing muscle recovery time after an intense session
  • Specialized insole moulding techniques for sportspersons based on an analysis of their foot movements in their particular sport to ensure
    • blisters caused by friction are avoided
    • neutral gait and alignment are maintained (controlling excessive foot pronation or supination)

Podiapro designs custom insoles for those recovering from sports injuries too. We regularly make insoles for injury rehabilitation patients recovering from ankle sprains, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, runner’s knee, sesamoiditis etc.

At Podiapro, we design custom sport insoles for all sports. Our sport insoles comprise highly wear-resistant materials that are supplemented with shock absorption materials and propulsive materials in specific zones of your feet depending on your sport. These sport insoles are great for pain relief while you walk or run and provide optimum support and protection to your feet while you play your sport.

Some of the common sports insoles we custom fabricate are for:

Running & Sprinting

Our custom insoles for running and sprinting are designed to protect your feet from injuries and tiredness. Excessive pronation or supination are corrected and your arches are dynamically supported to reduce strain on your joints. Specialized materials aid in shock absorption and propulsion. 

Parkour free running insoles
Custom Football Insoles

Football, Cricket & Rugby

These insoles are slim enough to fit even your football studs. They are designed to provide optimum guidance to your feet during sudden acceleration and change of direction phases. A Podiane + pad provides extreme shock absorption on the heel during mechanics like braking and landing. Bottom-line, they will make you enjoy your game a lot more by reducing foot pain and tiredness.

Squatting & Power Lifting

Stiff insoles designed specifically for power lifting and squatting will prevent your arches from collapsing even as you add more and more kilos to your bar. They are designed to prevent damage to your knees by maintaining alignment between your ankles and knees while you lift or squat.

Custom Squatting Insoles
Custom tennis insoles

Racquet Sports

We design custom insoles for tennis, badminton and squash that support and guide the foot during linear and lateral movements as is common in these sports. A robust forefoot pad provides stability to the forefoot during propulsion and change of direction phases. Shock absorption at the heel is provided by Noene pads.

Biking or Cycling

We design custom insoles for cycling as well. These are stiff insoles which cannot be used for other sports. They keep your ankle aligned with your knee and maintain foot neutrality which reduces energy loss and leads to more kinetic energy being converted into mechanical energy that drives your cycle. A forefoot pad provides comfort to your ball of the foot region even as you cycle over long distances.

Custom cycling or biking insoles

Skating & Skiing

These are stiff insoles designed to keep your feet adequately supported. They help your lower limbs effectively made body weight, maintain better balance and stability as you glide. 


Guaranteed to reduce foot fatigue as you walk from one hole to another. A special material provides protection to the first metatarsal head during the swing. Podiapro’s custom golf insoles should be a essential part of your kit if you experience any kind of foot pain or tiredness on the gold course.

Custom Golf Insoles
Custom insoles for running and sprinting


Our custom trekking insoles (called Custom Outdoor) are designed for protection of your feet while you’re out ascending or descending hard terrains. These are mildly stiff insoles designed for long hikes across uneven and hard terrains and have Noene shock absorption at the heel. 

We can design custom sport insoles for even highly specialized sports like parkour or free running. Talk to us at +91-9870-524-542 if you have a requirement for any kind of custom sports footwear or insoles and we are happy to help!