Who should consult with us?

Patients of foot pain and related conditions

Foot pain

Anyone suffering from foot and ankle pain, or even pain in the knee or lower back that could be caused by poor foot posture (like flat feet) or poor foot mechanics (like over pronation) can benefit from our custom insoles. Our insoles have also brought about relief in neck pain for some patients.

Patients of diabetes & rheumatoid arthritis

Insoles for diabetes

Diabetic patients should protect their feet with correct orthotic footwear that offloads excessive pressure zones in order to avoid formation of corns, calluses, ulcers and ultimately wounds. Custom footwear can prevent foot deformity, reduce inflammation and bring relief for patients of diabetic foot neuropathy and rheumatoid arthritis.

Those with occupation on feet

Occupation on feet

Those who are required to be on their feet for long hours like sales persons, surgeons, teachers. Those in your team or company who have to carry weight around for work are likely to get back pain. 

The pregnant or overweight

Insoles for pregnant women

An increase in weight can cause a slackening of the ligaments and a shift in the center of gravity on your feet while standing or walking, which may lead to back pain.

Children over 4 years

Insoles for children

So that problem with their posture and gait can be detected and resolved at an early stage. Most parents who come to us with their teenagers have one grouse – if only we got our child to you a few years back!

Sports persons

Insoles for sportspersons

Insoles help prevent injury by neutralizing abnormal gait and providing stability. They also reduce post match recovery time due to better shock absorption.

The elderly

Insoles for elderly

Seniors who experience difficulty maintaining balance and stability, or foot pain or increased sensitivity due to loss of fat pad, can greatly benefit from insoles designed to provide stability and compensation for loss of fat pad.

Anyone who needs more comfort

Comfort insoles

If you need more comfort in your office, walking or even dancing shoes, or want to have better postural alignment, our custom insoles can help. We can also make your heels and pumps more comfortable with our slim insoles.