Pelvic tilt

Pelvic tilt is a shift in the normal orientation of the pelvis in respect to the rest of the body. The pelvis can tilt towards the front (anterior pelvic tilt) or back (posterior pelvic tilt).

Podiapro makes custom insoles that lift up fallen arches so that the entire lower limb alignment is restored and the tilted pelvis shifts to its normal posture.

Though the pelvis can tilt towards the front (anterior pelvic tilt) or back (posterior pelvic tilt),  anterior pelvic tilt is more common of the two.

Anterior pelvic tilt is a postural change when the pelvis, which includes the hip and pubic bones, tilts or rotates forward. Since the front of the pelvis tilts forwards, the back of the pelvis rises. Anterior pelvic tilt is caused by excessive sitting, lack of physical activity or even due to a muscle imbalance in the lower half of the body. However, the most frequent cause of anterior pelvic tilt is loss of support from the foot due to the collapse of the medial arch. When the foot arch drops due to excessive pronation, the tibia rotates medially and the femur head drops, causing a tilt in the pelvis. 

Anterior pelvic tilt can affect the posture and the shape of the spine. It can cause low back pain, sciataca. 

Podiapro makes orthotic insoles for over pronation and calcaneal eversion which decreases the medial torsional stress on the sacroiliac joint. In addition to this, in cases where there is a leg length discrepancy, it is corrected with additional compensation, that reduces the ground reaction force being sent through the foot on the side of the longer leg. Noene shock absorbers are further added in order to absorb the shock from the heel strike in cases where inflammatory arthritis in the sacroiliac joint.