Bow legs

Bow legs is a condition when the legs are turned outward at the knees while the feet and ankles of both legs touch when the legs are straightened. 

Podiapro makes insoles for patients having bow legs. These insoles support the foot and correct abnormal gait so that the foot movements do not cause the knees to rotate. 

Bow legs or genu varum is a condition in which the individual’s legs are turned outwards at the knees and the ankles touch each other, making the legs resemble bows. An infant’s bow legs will automatically get corrected by the age of 4 as his body begins to develop. 

Insoles or special shoes designed to support the feet are recommended for patients of bow legs. These do not cure bow legs but reduce the excessive pressure on the shin bone and the knees that arises from the misalignment of the ankles and knees and postural deformity in the legs.