Custom Footwear

At Podiapro, we design custom footwear and bespoke shoes that you will love to walk around in. Your feet will feel super happy in them as they are designed for comfort and their looks might just make some heads turn too. 

And they are 100% cruelty free – no material we use is sourced from animals. 

About our footwear

Launched in January 2020, our custom footwear is evolving at a furious pace. We make all of it at our own atelier in Mumbai. Our catalogue will be online by the end of Sep, 2020 and you can browse our designs, all of which have been made for our patients and customers based on their needs. 

Please talk to us once @9870-524-542 and discuss your requirement  in case you need custom shoes or sandals.

Features of our footwear:

  • Vegan – Made using revolutionary Italian vegan microfiber leather and microfiber suede to prevent animal cruelty. We strictly do not work with animal hides or animal leather, even if you procure the material.
  • Snug – It is made to measure so that it is as wide and as deep as needed
  • Chic – Patterned on contemporary designs, our footwear is stylish and continuously evolving
  • Durable – All materials and components are tested for strength, wear resistance and durability
  • Comfortable – Soft footbeds with arch support are supplied along with all custom footwear at no extra cost
  • We can make custom lasts, custom patterns and designs for you
  • If you’re not happy with the fit, we will make you free revisions until you’re satisfied