Custom Insoles at Home

What if I cannot visit your clinic?

If you cannot visit us and still want or order custom insoles, we can help. Do keep in mind, best results are achieved with a visit to our clinic as we can do a foot pressure scan and mould your footprints in vacuum silicon the right way. Having said that, we do fabricate insoles for many patients who cannot visit us and the results in most cases are comparable to our in-clinic insoles. Here’s the process to order your custom insoles from the comfort of your home: 

Step 1

Call us at 9870-524-542 and let us know the problem you want to solve with our insoles. If we are able to help your condition with our insoles, we will tell you what kind of custom insoles would be ideal for your condition and the price.

Step 2

If you’d like to go ahead with your order, we’d request you to make your payment via bank transfer or we can send you a link for payment using your card.

Step 3

We will send you a foam box for you to collect your foot impressions (please see the video at the end of this page) and send them back at:


B 101, Shreyas Industrial Estate

Off Western Express Highway

Goregaon East

Mumbai 400063 

Step 4

You will need to send us images of your feet (we will send you sample images so you can use them as a guide) and a video of the patient walking (we will send you a sample video). These can be sent over whatsapp on the same number as above or emailed to 

Step 5

We will process the information and dispatch your custom insoles within 2 working days of receiving your footprints (in the foam box) and your information. 

As for all our insoles, there will be no charges for modifications or changes or repairs needed, if any, for up to a period of 12 months from the day you receive them.